There are millions of books on the market, so what makes someone pick yours?

There are a number of factors and they all rely on each other. However, as in the way that we purchase most items – we buy with our 'eyes' initially.

At Video Book Trailers we believe in the power of ideas and creativity, and work with our clients in order to help them transform the way they can potentially increase the sales of their work.

Having the idea for a book, writing it, finding an agent and a publisher and then finally having your work presented, is a major and stressful situation. That's just the beginning – getting someone to actually pick it up and buy it is far harder. will help you produce a dynamic, stunning, dramatic video trailer – giving a concise  synopsis of your work, and most importantly giving a strong visual representation of your book front cover design.




Discover how we can revolutionise the way you sell your books.

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